23 Sep

Sketch Star: Superb storytelling tool so I’m sharing this…

Sketch StarSuperb storytelling tool so I’m sharing this site again!

#edtech #digitalstorytelling #literacy

Easily create online animations with this fab tool for kids!

Tell stories using text, objects, puppets, and your own drawings. Lots of neat tools to choose from.Tutorials are great and get you going on your first animation right away.


Must use email to save project. Animations can then be viewed online via url.

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ABCya! Animation Tool

2 Cool Tools for School (stop-motion animation)

neoK12 Excellent Science Site! (Students can create cool presentations plus lots more!)

Write On! 4 Kids

18 Sep

WEEDED: Book Art on Display

Last year I convinced one of our art teachers to take on a sculpting project using weeded books.  We were all (library staff, administrators, art department and students) very pleased with the outcome of those weeded book art sculptures.  I didn’t even have to ask this year. The art teacher let me know right away at the beginning of the year that she wanted our discarded books that no other teachers seemed to want.

Already these weeded books are making their way back to the library as sculptures, and again we are all amazed.  These are the first three though there are more in the works coming.  These are the completed ones.  I will share when the rest find their way to the library. I’m really excited about the proposed tribute to Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

18 Sep

@AstronautAbby – A teen bringing STEM inspiration to young…

@AstronautAbbyA teen bringing STEM inspiration to young people all over the world through her passion and first hand space experiences.

 #scichat #STEM #space

Hoping to be one of the first to go to Mars, Abby shares her incredible journey on her blog. She is a girl with a mission and a well thought out plan.

Classroom Chats with Abby! Interested? I thought so.

“One of the tenants in STEM education is to pass the torch to the next generation of kids and ignite excitement and love of learning. Astronaut Abby wants to share her adventures in STEM learning with as many kids as possible. 

For Abby’s upcoming Soyuz Space Adventure she has created a series of web chats to share with kids around the world. Teachers, parents, students and community members may sign their school for a chance at a chat.

***Classrooms will be selected through a random drawing which will occur on June 15, 2013. Chats will be scheduled between September 2013 – February 2014.”

Abby has also created a Rocket Hub project proposal to help fund her projects which you can view here.

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17 Sep

 ”Women in U.S. History: Who Am I?” game/writing/art…

 ”Women in U.S. History: Who Am I?” game/writing/art activity. Freebie in preview!

#sschat #womeninhistory #edtech

I just finished polishing up my  ”Women in U.S. History: Who Am I?” game/writing/art activity.

It’s a fun game that can be played for as little or as much time as you have. Kids will learn about 20 notable women in U.S. history and be able to create their own cards, stamps and book covers. All templates provided.

What’s really cool about this is that I have created an edCanvas to go along with it. It is a one stop shop for short videos featuring many of the women in the game. The link is provided in the product.

I am thrilled to be able to share this with you. I want to thank my husband and Mom for all of their help and, of course, lots of proofreading.  🙂 Very much appreciated! OK… I know I need proofreading skills for this blog too. It’s just that my mind is much faster than my fingers. LOL

Oh and “Women in U.S. History: Who Am I?” game/writing/art activity is selling at a special price for the first 48 hrs. on sale at my store. (3/8-10/13)

Card sample

17 Sep

Superior Tool!!! ReadWriteThink Printing Press.  #edtech…

Superior Tool!!! ReadWriteThink Printing Press

#edtech #writing #publishing

Love the new interface/features of the ReadWriteThink Printing Press.

Use to create a newspaper, brochure, flyer, sign or poster. You can select from a variety of templates, customize your text, add photos/images, print or share via email. Works in progress can be saved to your computer and worked on at a later date. Also features a plethora of lesson plans to go along with it. Easy to use.

Thinking of creating a classroom newspaper? I highly recommend this tool for the job.

Included in…

11 Sep

A Red Box “Read Box” in the library!

Sometimes great ideas are of the simplest concepts.  This was shared with me recently, and so I asked permission to share it here on my blog.  I am so hoping to do this in my own high school library.  It was created by Jenny Cox, school librarian in the coastal area of our state,  Kensington Elementary School in Georgetown School District.


After bombarding her with questions about it, I decided to with permission use her response directly in my post. Here is the inspiration and “how to” straight from the source:


It is not my idea originally. I saw something similar on Pinterest and tweaked it to look more like a Red Box. The Pinterest post used a rolling cart.  I wasn’t crazy about how it looked so I used a bookshelf.   I had a small shelf in the media center set up with paperback chapter books that 3rd – 5th graders use to swap paperbacks that they personally own, one for one.  I keep what they bring, they keep what they take until they are ready to swap it again.  The old “swap shelf” didn’t really stand out and was used by a handful of students. So when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I thought I would try it. More students are swapping books now because the Read Box is more eye catching and placed right near the circulation desk.  I do require students to show me the paperback they bring in before switching so that I can make sure it is appropriate and not damaged, slightly worn is okay.  Sometimes, I let kids just take a book from the shelf if they don’t have any at home–that gets them started. Then they have one they can bring back for a swap. Once I had a student bring me his Bible and asked to swap it for a book because he didn’t have any paperback at home.  Of course, I gave him a book and gave him his Bible back too!

I used Scholastic dollars to purchase the initial set up “swap books.” I only use paperback chapter books for this.   I even have a few parents who come and swap for their children.  Teachers love it too!  My principal was super excited about it.

I just decorated a three shelf standard book shelf to look like a Red Box with red butcher paper.  I printed some book covers from Google Images, cut them out and taped them to the bottom to resemble Red Box movies.  Then added the caption “Save a dollar, read a book.”

I have had a ton of comments on my Read Box from anyone who comes through the media center! I also post on FB to request paperback books that any of my FB friend’s children might have outgrown or no longer want.

Hope this helps!


P.S.  I also have a swap shelf for teachers.  They bring novels and other reading materials that they are finished with and swap them out too.  This is in one of my smaller library rooms where I keep teacher materials.


Yes, Jenny, this helps a lot!  You have really set my mind in motion! I too have a free swap area ( a carousel with a sign) in my library. I keep it up for those students who for whatever reason need a book but have “library issues” (like fines, overdues, etc.)  The free swap is a “borrow on the honor system” set of paperbacks, and students can make a donation or borrow (and hopefully return) a title from the rack, no questions asked. We like it, and it helps those who really need a book be able to choose one. We also get donations from one of our high school clubs that do a book drive each year.  Maybe you can contact the local high school and see if they do a book drive or similar project with a club. It could be a source for some free books to add to your collection for this project.  Your answers were very helpful.  I may re-invent our carousel into a “ReadBox.”  

Not only that, I’m thinking THIS is a perfect mini-grant waiting to happen.  I’m on it! Thanks for sharing and graciously responding to my gazillion questions. I am so inspired!


Cross posted over at the SCASL Blog

Picture Attribution:

“ReadBox” by Jenny Cox. LMS, Kennsington Elementary, Georgetown School District.

11 Sep

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? #health…

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?

#health #nutrition 

Nourish Interactive is a wonderful site for resources. They feature printables, games and lesson plans to go along with them.

EZ Free registration is required for the games if you want to play all levels. You can play the first two levels without registration. Child accounts can be created by teacher or parent.

Super nice collection of games and printables!

Direct link to games here.

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04 Sep

We Choose the Moon An interactive experience based on Apollo 11!…

We Choose the Moon

An interactive experience based on Apollo 11! #scichat

Via Mr. Mitchell’s Ed-Tech Resources (Includes a great list of virtual field trips)


Included in image Sensational Science Sites

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02 Sep

Library March Madness Championship Week!

Our library book tournament has made it to the last round of our Library March Madness, with the finalist competing for DHS Library Book of the Year at Dorman High School. Vying for that title are two books in a single series, respectively book 1 and book 2.  Hunger Games, seeded at #6 matches up against Catching Fire, the #1 seed in our March Madness Tournament.

We hops students will drop by the library to cast finals votes this week.  We will be naming our champion THIS FRIDAY, March 29, 2013.



We are asking students to put their names on their  ballots, as there is a reward for owning votes.  The reward plan has not been completely decided yet, but for sure there will be a drawing based on ballots.  We will celebrate the winners of our March Madness Tournament perhaps the Friday we return from our Spring Break, April 12, 2013.



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