Library March Madness Championship Week!

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Our library book tournament has made it to the last round of our Library March Madness, with the finalist competing for DHS Library Book of the Year at Dorman High School. Vying for that title are two books in a single series, respectively book 1 and book 2.  Hunger Games, seeded at #6 matches up against Catching Fire, the #1 seed in our March Madness Tournament.

We hops students will drop by the library to cast finals votes this week.  We will be naming our champion THIS FRIDAY, March 29, 2013.



We are asking students to put their names on their  ballots, as there is a reward for owning votes.  The reward plan has not been completely decided yet, but for sure there will be a drawing based on ballots.  We will celebrate the winners of our March Madness Tournament perhaps the Friday we return from our Spring Break, April 12, 2013.