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An Advocacy Tool

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I really want principals and administrators to see this. Some teachers and even librarians need it too–as a reminder or as inspiration. It would be awesome if SCASL could make one of these too.


Could you switch from public to school librarian?

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I received this request today–contact from my blog. I probably should have titled it something else, like: Shhh, I’m a Quiet Librarian Quiet Jobs for Quiet Librarians Unquiet vs Quiet Library Jobs Please read the request: Hello, I have a MLS and my background is in public libraries. However I am considering changing to school libraries. I […]


Is E for Easy?

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Today many of my SC library friends engaged in a healthy discussion about the books that have mostly pictures, are roughly 32 pages (give or take), and have been maligned by teachers as “easy.” The conversation began with an innocent question: If you are in an Intermediate school, 4th and 5th grade, do you have an Easy […]


A Red Box “Read Box” in the library!

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Sometimes great ideas are of the simplest concepts.  This was shared with me recently, and so I asked permission to share it here on my blog.  I am so hoping to do this in my own high school library.  It was created by Jenny Cox, school librarian in the coastal area of our state,  Kensington Elementary School […]


Library March Madness Championship Week!

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Our library book tournament has made it to the last round of our Library March Madness, with the finalist competing for DHS Library Book of the Year at Dorman High School. Vying for that title are two books in a single series, respectively book 1 and book 2.  Hunger Games, seeded at #6 matches up against Catching Fire, the #1 seed […]


Can you name these “tweet” reads?

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Our USC School of Library and Information Science school library intern Lori Willis-Richards created this awesome book display in our Dorman library during November. We are going to sponsor a contest in which our students must guess the books. http://www.flickr.com//photos/c_nelson/sets/72157632042431512/show/ Want a taste? I don’t have all the pics, and we know we need to fix one, but […]