Guest Post: Lori Willis-Richards, Intern

When Mrs. Nelson asked if I wanted to write a blog post for her blog Cathy Nelson’s Professional Thoughts I was a little unsure.  I mean the title of her blog is Cathy Nelson’s Professional Thoughts and I was not sure I actually had anything to say worthy of being labeled a “professional thought.” However, I started thinking about what I do know, and one of the things I currently know a whole lot about is being a School Media Specialist intern, so this I what I have decided to blog about.


I have enjoyed my time as Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Dillard’s intern so much and I really wish I could stay on forever.  DHS has a top-notch library program and I have learned so much during my short internship there. There is something to be said for being able to put into application the theories and ideals I learned about as a USC-SLIS student.  There really is no greater teacher than real world experience!


I know a lot of the people that read Cathy’s blog are already established media specialists, and this is why I want to take a short moment of your time for a public services message of sorts, don’t worry I wont take that long.  I just want to say if you are a great media specialist (and of course you are if you are reading this blog!) please think about hosting an intern.  It will be a great learning experience for your intern and I hope for you as well.  You will really be doing your profession a world of good, because you will be able to mold these young professionals into the kind of media specialist you want representing your field. So it really is a win-win. We get experience; you get to influence.  So please host an intern if you are ever asked or contact your local university and let then know you are willing to host an intern in the future.


P.S.  I do think working at DHS was fun!