27 Dec

Investment Wisdom, Inflation and Hyperinflation


Real Probability’ of Hyperinflation, Harkins Says



“Hyperinflation is largely a twentieth-century phenomenon. The most widely studied hyperinflation occurred in Germany after World War I. The ratio of the German price index in November 1923 to the price index in August 1922—just fifteen months earlier—was 1.02 × 1010. This huge number amounts to a monthly inflation rate of 322 percent. On average, prices quadrupled each month during the sixteen months of hyperinflation.”Read more


In economics, hyperinflation is inflation that is very high or out of control. While the real values of the specific economic items generally stay the same in terms of relatively stable foreign currencies, in hyperinflationary conditions the general price level within a specific economy increases rapidly as the functional or internal currency, as opposed to a foreign currency, loses its real value very quickly, normally at an accelerating rate Read more


25 Dec

Can we please stop asking, ‘What is PR?’

Here are three questions that people should stop asking:

1. Is PR a profession?

Of course it is a profession. The only people who wonder whether it’s a profession are the people actually in the profession. Calm down. Yes, people take you seriously—except when you ask this question!

2. What is PR?

Edward Bernays, a colorful bloke we generally accept as the founder of public relations, defined PR in the early 1900s as:

“… a management function that tabulates public attitudes, defines the policies, procedures, and interests of an organization followed by executing a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.”

Since Bernays made that statement 100 years ago, the PR business has continued to struggle with its chronic identity crisis. The agenda of the first World Assembly of Public Relations Association in 1978 was to figure out the industry. The delegates issued a definition of their craft:

“the art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organizational leaders, and implementing planned programs of action, which will serve both the organization and the public interest.”


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24 Dec

Public relations and social media: Is this a relationship made to last?: PRSA

{Frankly, SEO’s high ranking surprised me, while the consistency with which Twitter, Facebook and blogs were given a 10, 9 or 8 makes it clear that right now they are the big three for PR.

A “connected media ecosystem”]

The vast growth that social media has enjoyed over the last three years has been immense and within the shadow of its growth we have seen an ecosystem of services and servicers develop as well. Those whom understand that the social media took kits are an important aspect to incorporate into the offerings of public relations practitioners are wise because what social media has grown into is a powerful beast that is highly immediate and provides brands the ability to hold a conversation with their publics but to also have a finger on the pulse of their brands.

Public relations and social media: Is this a relationship made to last?: PRSA.

24 Dec

Proactive public relations via purpose-built publishing: PRSA

“Purpose-built publishing isn’t limited to the written word. It includes audio and video broadcasts as well. Creativity, regardless of format, best distinguishes success.”

As a communicator the purpose we are venturing on is to provide a message to our audience. Their purpose to the actions we are undertaking, but what we see in a lot of the modern messages is the only creation or creativity without reason. Now I am not one to say stop and do not be creative but I also do not want you to waste my time on your creative whims. I want there to be substance.

And this is how must craft our messages. Purpose-built messages are key to being a proactive public relations practitioner.

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