31 Dec

Children’s Poetry Archive

See on Scoop.itKB…Konnected’s Kaleidoscope of Wonderful Websites!

The Children’s Poetry Archive is an ever expanding archive of poets for children reading their own work…

KB…Konnected’s insight:

Wonderful resource! Nice archive of poetry that can be explored by subject, theme, author, or form. Many of the poems have audio so kids can read along. Students can also learn about poets through biographies featured on the site.

I’ve added this to Kool Kids Write Poetry.


See on poetryarchive.org

30 Dec

Excellent! 3D Postcard Generator #edtech #artchat #writing…

Excellent! 3D Postcard Generator

#edtech #artchat #writing #literacy #languagearts 

Via the newest member of my PLN @Teachersilvert

Create your own 3D postcard. No sign-up or registration.

Add your own text, and  images (or use theirs). Customize with colors, fonts, frame and more.

Final product may be downloaded or sent via email.

Educational Application: Students can create postcards using their own artwork for holidays or anytime. This is a neat tool that could work for many projects. I could see student created poems as messages. Nice final results.

Included in…

30 Dec

Reading with Kids has some nice resources for teachers that you…

Reading with Kids has some nice resources for teachers that you can share with parents.

#reading #1stchat #2ndchat #3rdchat #4thchat #spedchat

These include…

Added to  Classroom Printables

and  Educational Coloring Pages

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Mr. Carl’s Corner

30 Dec

My Top 43 Weather Resources for Kids #meteorology #scichat…

imageMy Top 43 Weather Resources for Kids

#meteorology #scichat #weather

List includes interactives, games, kid-friendly information, online quizzes,  how-tos, videos, raps, ideas, crafts, calculators, projects and more!

Check out this freebie! The Daily Scoop!image  Includes a space to report the weather. 
29 Dec

Edmodo: I’m finally drinking the koolaid

How will I manage all these Edmodo groups!? After SCASL13, I find my sidebar of groups (ones I’ve joined) to be quite full. SCASL asked presenters to create an Edmodo group for conference sessions this year, and now that I’ve opted to join those conference session groups, I have to click “show all” to find ones I want to revisit. As I ponder this, I wonder how I will manage it? Let me tell you how. Now that I have a working understanding of the groups, once I decide there will be no more interactions to extend my learning, and I have taken the resources offered, I’ll leave that group.


Edmodo at first

My first experience with Edmodo came maybe 18 months ago. I read of the new “Facebook-like” app several years ago. It began in September 2008, and by the next summer was being raved by many in my PLN as the be all end all classroom app. I signed on for an account, but could not wrap my head around how I could use it in my teaching context. Afterall, I am a librarian, and every class in school is “my class.” Being in a school with 2600+ students, it seemed a bit overwhelming to begin promoting a code to join the library. I seriously believed my colibrarian and I would be overwhelmed with sheer numbers.


One more thing?

Don’t get me wrong, I manage other online spaces pretty well. In some I’m a lurker, others I’m an active participant, and even others I’ve created a spaced and actively recruited members. Edmodo to me seemed like one more place to navigate and manage, and just another option. It would add to my already too full plate. So while I could see the beauty of it, it was just one more thing to add to my teacher toolbox, one I didn’t have a lot of time for. Over the last few years I’ve promoted its use to my faculty, and I know of several who with my encouragement among other sources, actually jumped right into using Edmodo with their classes. Successfully. I even felt a little smug that I (essentially a non user) had convinced others to give it a try.


SC Edtech used it for virtual handouts and more



My first real experience with using Edmodo in a professional sense came from SCEdtech in the fall of 2012. The organizers asked us to create a group for our sessions, as that would be the conference endorsed way to digitally share online handouts. Dutifully as a presenter, I created my space, uploaded my links, presentation powerpoint, and digital handout. But I confess I never even looked back at it. The chatter about the conference was that even if you missed a session or had a session conflict, you could still get to the resources same day. I totally missed the part of interacting live with participants and having a back-channel happen in an  “edmodo room,” but I did know some were exclaiming the virtues of it. I did keep getting notifications of new members. I never even looked back at it or even tried to interact with the group. Never took the opportunity to exchange ideas, interact, or crowdsource new and better to build on the foundation I lay in my session. I was too busy for Edmodo, and so just took a passing interest that eventually turned into indifference and disinterest. I even eventually deleted that group (horrors!) when the chatter died down, roughly four weeks or so after SC Edtech 2012.  (Truthfully I wanted to forget it as I had issues with connectivity in the session, making me think it was sub par to my standard, and I had overwritten the absolute latest version of my presentation fifteen minutes before time. I couldn’t even use the pres in Edmodo, as it was a far cry from the one I had majorly tweaked and updated the night before. I really wanted to FORGET it forever, despite kind words from attendees and follow up emails. Maybe they didn’t understand the interaction feature of Edmodo either, so I wasn’t alone. But maybe-and probably more likely-they saw I wasn’t using the space that way either.)


Glad to be done and leaving!

I had to leave the conference early, right after my presentation that fateful day, as our family had lost a loved one, and so I drove away to be with them, which would really help me forget. I still cringe inwardly when I think of SC Edtech 2012. But I will probably be back in 2013.


Fast-forward to SCASL 2013

Jennifer Tazerouti. IT Chair

Jennifer Tazerouti, aka “AuntieLibrarian,” and current SCASL Information Technology Committee Chair convinced the SCASL Board to go the route of Edmodo for our conference handouts this year. Sigh. Here we go again!  So I reacquainted myself with Edmodo, tweaking my space some. I decided I really needed to understand it better, so worked to develop my profile. I found and joined some communities, created a badge for my session attendees (#fail since teachers can’t award teachers badges), and waited for interaction to begin.  I also selected a few sessions (groups) from SCASL13 to join. Hey, I’m not 100% sure it was her brainstorm, but I am 100% sure who made me feel comfortable using it.


And then the light came on!

Keith Curry Lance at SCASL13

Since I had signed up to attend Keith Curry Lance’s preconference session, I joined his group too.  Later I found out this was his first experience with Edmodo.  But I must say, he hit the ground running.  He modeled for me a professional use of Edmodo as it should be–sharing his presentation materials, links, and most importantly discussion and pushback on my own thinking as we interacted with him and other session attendees in his group space. He posted all his session presentations (preconference, break-out session, and keynote) in this space. This confused some initially since the group was titled Preconference, but it didn’t take long for most to forgive that issue and plow right into asking questions and engaging in virtual conversations around his topics.


I’ve grown!

So now I have a whole new appreciation for this school-friendly tool, and even how i can use it professionally as well as with students. I’m going to create some more groups and get some students interacting in it too! It IS a great thing.  Hey, why not connect with me there??

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 3.49.04 PM


So now I want you to wow me with how you have used it.  Do tell.

Picture Attributions:
  • Edmodo Sign-up Page image came from http://middleschool.wiki.lovett.org
  • SC Edtech Logo – http://www.scaet.org/edtech/2012/
  • Jennifer Tazerouti and Dr. Keith Curry Lance – SCASL13 Confernece Set http://www.flickr.com/photos/scasl/sets/72157632903007213/
  • Facebook Like Button – via FlickrCC http://www.flickr.com/photos/18090920@N07/5684115572
  • My Edmodo Profile Screenshot (right from my desktop)



27 Dec

Click on the picture above to view all products in detail. Great…

Click on the picture above to view all products in detail. Great Tumblr feature.

Great ways to add a little sparkle to your classroom and  products you sell!

 #1stchat #2ndchat #3rdchat #4thchat #5thchat #spedchat #elemchat #teacherspayteachers

Everyone loves glitter and a little sparkle…especially kids!

I just added quite a few sparkly/glittery products to my TpT store and am starting to add them to my Teachers Notebook Shop. They are all being offered at a one week introductory price. Great deal if I do say so myself…and I guess I am.

All products are high resolution (300dpi), png images.

All frames come with and without white centers. Products are for personal and/or commercial use. See TOU (in product and preview for details.

Click the links below to view each product.

Teachers Pay Teacher Store

Teachers Notebook Shop

25 Dec

nprmusic: I was told, ‘My sons cannot memorize their times…


I was told, ‘My sons cannot memorize their times tables — yet they sing along with Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones, and they get their words.’

—Bob Dorough, who composed, conducted and even sang much of Schoolhouse Rock’s music, on the idea for “Multiplication Rock,” the very first series of Schoolhouse Rock shorts. Hear the full interview from Weekend Edition.

Believe it or not, Schoolhouse Rock is 40 years old.

16 Dec

33 Kids Book Lists for Everything You Can Imagine!

#kinderchat #1stchat #2ndchat #3rdchat #4thchat #5thchat


Books About Bedtime Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Christmas Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Cars & Trucks Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Ballet and Dancing Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About America Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Being Different Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Dads Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Dinosaurs Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Elections & Presidents Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Fairy Tales Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Elections & Presidents Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Fairy Tales Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Fine Art Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Farm Animals Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Fall Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Friendship Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Fire Trucks Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Halloween Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Knights Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Math Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Monsters Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Princesses Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About School Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About The Beach Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Thanksgiving Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books About Strong Girls Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Good Books With Bratty Characters { and why you should check them out } - No Time For Flash Cards
Eric Carle Books Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Banned Children
Best Books A-Z Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Board Books For Babies Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Books For Field Trips Archives - No Time For Flash Cards
Counting Books Archives - No Time For Flash Cards

15 Dec



As a special education teacher in the 3rd largest school district in the country, I fear what giving local level decision making on eliminating class size cap for special education classrooms would mean for my students and every other student in CPS.

Please share to get the word out.

From Illinois Raise Your Hand (www.ilraiseyourhand.org)

Yesterday the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) passed a proposal that would lift formal class size limitations on special education classrooms and allow all decisions on class size limits to be made at the local level. We strongly oppose this proposal and agree with the many special education advocates who testified against it in Springfield this week.

If this proposal passes, the state would no longer require smaller class sizes for special education students and would allow CPS and other districts to make their own determination about the size of self-contained rooms which now have caps in place. For example, small classes currently serving autistic children who require calmer settings could be much larger under this plan.

General classrooms would also be affected if this proposal is made final. Currently, no more than 30% of a general classroom can be comprised of students with IEPS. This proposal moves to eliminate that cap and make it a local decision. We are very concerned with how this would impact all of our classrooms at CPS.

What can you do?

We are told this proposal will go to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules next. Call the state representatives who are on this committee and tell them to oppose this change. We need to keep state mandates on class size limitations for our special education students as these limits are in the best interest of children and will impact all of our classrooms if changed. Also call your own district reps and tell them about this. There may be a period of public comment in the next few weeks as well, so consider writing something to share.

For list of people to contact on the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules click on Read More

More questions? Email Info@ilraiseyourhand.org

Read More

13 Dec

Cool resource! The National Museum of African Art has a nice…

Cool resource! The National Museum of African Art has a nice interactive feature called TxtStyles to Fashioning Identity.  

#BlackHistory #sschat #edtech

From the past to the present learn how symbols are used in African fashion. Lots of neat interactives and activities.



Added to image Countries for Kids LiveBinder

More kid friendly stuff from the National Museum of African Art.

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Go On a Live African Safari (Fantastic resource!)

12 Dec

livingwithdisability: The popularity of the iPad is nothing…


The popularity of the iPad is nothing new, we all know it’s a huge hit but did we know how much kids loved it? New statistics have been  put together by Florida agency MDG Advertising in this new infographic. It shows exactly how into tablet technology our children are. More than just fun and games, there is evidence of more kids using tablets for educational purposes rather than anything else.

To read more please click the link below:


08 Dec

KB…Konnected Hits 1,000,000 and Giveaway!

#edtech #spedchat #1stchat #2ndchat #4thchat #5thchat #sschat #scichat #artchat

Hi Readers! I’m very excited to tell you that KB..Konnected has just reached 1,000,000 page views. How cool is that. Never in a million years did I envision this happening when I started this blog.

I sincerely want to thank all my readers, past, present and future, for making this possible. Special thanks to my family and friends for their love and support through this amazing journey. I’ve learned so much along the way and I’m happy to share what I learn on my blog.

So….I hope you participate in my celebration giveaway. It’s a $50 Amazon Gift Card. All you need to do is fill out the form below. Entries can be submitted until Feb. 3, 2013. Then I will announce the winner. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

07 Dec

Fun for teens!!!! Record Setter is a website that lets you…

Fun for teens!!!! Record Setter is a website that lets you create your own world records.

#edtech #mathchat #literacy

Use Record Setter for a fun learning activity. This activity will include brainstorming, planning, criteria, rules, writing, measurement and more. I know students will get a kick out of this. Just brainstorming what kind of record to attempt ought to be quite fun.

Free registration by teacher (or someone over 14) is required.

The idea would work well for younger students too but the site is not age appropriate for their viewing.


Create your own records or break the records of others. Some fun records featured include…

Longest Balloon Volley Using Heads

Fastest Time To Make 200 Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches

Fastest Time To Lick A Sharp Point On A Candy Cane

03 Dec

jtotheizzoe: ATTENTION folks, there is currently an astronaut…


ATTENTION folks, there is currently an astronaut posting to Tumblr from space. I repeat, there is a human being, that is currently in freakin’ SPACE, posting pictures (from said SPACE) to their Tumblr blog.

There are things, called words, that are failing me, about the other things, that I am feeling.

Expedition 35 Commander Chris Hadfield: You sir, are cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.

(He’s also on Twitter)


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