11 Sep

Wow! Science Friday is a very cool site that features fantastic…

Wow! Science Friday is a very cool site that features fantastic podcasts and videos.

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Science Friday is a weekly science talk show on NPR radio in America.

Teachers…Not only does Science Friday provide excellent videos and podcasts but it also has lesson plans to go along with many of them.

Search for  topics on left of screen. Great navigation set- up.

This site is awesome!

Included in image Sensational Science Sites

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02 Sep

25 Ways To Use Pinterest With Bloom’s Taxonomy

See on Scoop.itKB…Konnected’s Kaleidoscope of Wonderful Websites!

Recently, I’ve been spending quite a bit of my time researching how to use Pinterest in the classroom in a way that is meaningful and relevant. I’ve posted a couple of articles about Pinterest befo…

KB…Konnected’s insight:

Great Bloom! Meaningful ways to use Pinterest with students.

I love Pinterest!

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