21 Jan

Teacher Appreciation Sale at TpT Starts Tomorrow! May…

Teacher Appreciation Sale at TpT Starts Tomorrow! May 7-8

#clipart #TpT #teacherappreciation 

All of my products will be included in the sale including my new “Mix and Match Collections”!

My clip art, frames and papers are regularly $3 or less including my newest collections. During the sale they will $2.16 or less. Amazing deals if I do say so myself.

Hope you stop by my store and check out my products.

All clip art products are commercial/personal use. Check out my TOU for details.

 Don’t forget the coupon code: TAD13

13 Jan

Getting Ready 4 TRW12

My intern the other day shared with a colleague that she thinks she is more interested in an elementary setting than secondary. When asked why, she made the comment that there are more opportunities to have fun. What!!??  I think we have good opportunities to have fun at the high school, like celebrating literacy events such as Teen Read Week. She has more reasons for being interested in an elementary environment than good opportunities for fun, but I’m sure she will fit in nicely at whatever level she chooses. Next semester she will get a chance to intern in an elementary environment. We are enjoying what she is bringing into our program. We are gearing up for our Teen Read Week, and our kids are starting to buzz over the plans! I thought I’d share them here.


09 Jan

Hi Karen, Im following you on facebook and I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you s much for all of the pins you share. I am a primary school teacher and mother living in Australia and I, like you, am hooked on pinterest. I love it when teachers find ideas and share them freely, I wish there was more of this. I love the ideas you’ve shared and look forward to practising them once I get back into the classroom (babies at the mo!). Thanks again for helping education to be engaging and fun:)

I just want to let you know…You really made my day! 🙂

06 Jan

Let’s get ready for the Oscars & a blind date..in the library

Trying to create displays in my library can frequently be a challenge.  Our high school library has quite a varied group of teens who come and hang out, and quite frankly, not all come to read.  That’s okay since there is so much more going on here than just reading.

So we try to snag YA  Lit attention through displays. My predecessor had quite the knack (and still does) for creating attractive displays, particularly when there is little shelf or wall space to do so.

I am sharing some that I consider to be “homeruns” for us, as these generated quite a bit of interest in the kids.


February “Blind Date with a Book”

Blind Date was a really big hit! WE shared about it here.


Books 2 Movies Display

We added a contest to this one here.


Zombies are really popular with teens!


Another great displays this year include our Twitter Contest, which you can read about here and here, and our banned books display below.


02 Jan

world-shaker: TodaysMeet is my new favorite tool You can create…


TodaysMeet is my new favorite tool

You can create a free (and ad-free) backchannel with an expiration date. Just give the link to your students. All they do is enter a name and start typing (140 character limit per post). 

There’s even a projector view if you wanted to display everyone’s comments up on a screen. 

It’s dead simple and does exactly what it’s supposed to. Want to give it a try? Here’s a room for Education Dare Day.

(Note for time-travelers: This link expires a week from today.)


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