The Library’s Final Four

We decided to do a “March Madness” book tournament at my school, basing our “Sweet Sixteen” on the top circulating books for the calendar year, February 2012 – February 2013.  The idea was shared from a neighboring library school intern at Spartanburg High.  We picked it up and ran with it, modifying it only slightly! Our sixteen titles were seeded based on circulation statistics form Destiny after tossing out books with inflated stats due sto class projects and required readings from certain courses in the curriculum. We wanted to the tournament titles to be the most popular books based on “student” choice not requirements from classes.  SCORE!

So here we are today naming our Final Four.



The Final Four match up like this:

  • Catching Fire vs. Mockingjay
  • Legend vs. Hunger Games

I am amazed (and at the same time dismayed) to have an entire series in our final four.  Next year when we plan our March madness, if two books in a series make it to the Sweet Sixteen, the entire series will be a single team. That way we don’t have competitors from a single series like this year’s final four.  It would be very difficult for me to choose a winner.


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