30 Nov

Turn Life into a Video Game with HabitRPG

Turn Life into a Video Game with HabitRPG:


So I just found this and I think it’s a great tool for students that struggle with routine but like ProSkins video games. You can create your own “daily quests,” “habits,” and “to-dos.” There’s a rewards section where you can then use the returns from these “quests” to buy presents for yourself.

I think this is great for both specific classes and mainstream students as well as special education.

This looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out.

30 Nov

FANTASTIC! Bugscope: Free access to a scanning electron…

FANTASTIC! Bugscope: Free access to a scanning electron microscope to use with insects from your own backyard. 

Scientists included!

#edtech #scichat  

What is Bugscope?

“The Bugscope project provides free interactive access to a scanning electron microscope (SEM) so that students anywhere in the world can explore the microscopic world of insects. 

Bugscope allows teachers everywhere to provide students with the opportunity to become microscopists themselves—the kids propose experiments, explore insect specimens at high-magnification, and discuss what they see with our scientists—all from a regular web browser over a standard broadband internet connection.”

How does it work?

“You sign up, ask your students to find some bugs, and mail them to us. We accept your application, schedule your session, and prepare the bugs for insertion into the electron microscope. When your session time arrives, we put the bug(s) into the microscope and set it up for your classroom. Then you and your students login over the web and control the microscope. We’ll be there via chat to guide you and answer the kids’ questions.”

With the recent warm weather in my neck of the woods (Chicago) their are bugs everywhere. Perfect time for Bugscope!

***I love that you can also pop in as a guest at a live session. Awesome!

Note: This a reblog but with spring just around the corner I thought it was a great time to share Bugscope again.

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27 Nov

Spreaker: Create a free live podcast. #edtech…

Spreaker: Create a free live podcast.

#edtech #podcasting

Several options for accounts but the free account will probably be enough to suit the needs of many teachers/classrooms.

In the past I used Aviary to podcast with students but since the tools are no longer available Spreaker looks like a nice replacement. Actually it looks easier.

Kids love to record and listen to themselves. Podcasting is a great way and with Spreaker it can also be shared with family and friends.

What can your students podcast? Anything! Check out Listening to Themselves: Podcasting Takes Lessons Beyond the Classroom from Edutopia to get some fantastic ideas.

25 Nov

Lame to fame: 4 tips for optimizing presentations for Twitter

See on Scoop.itEducation Matters – (tech and non-tech)

Presentations and slideshows have been historically one of the most boring and standard corporate media currently available to employees and management.

KB…Konnected’s insight:

Some unique ideas. Many of which can be used in classrooms using Twiter. Perfect ideas to jazz up a professional development presentation too.

See on blog.scoop.it

24 Nov

BrainPOP Jr. | Bullying

See on Scoop.itEducation Matters – (tech and non-tech)

Free bullying video on BrainPop Jr. Includes related resources. Nice!

See on brainpopjr.com

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