28 Oct

Valentine Word Wall BINGO! EZ to differentiate. #elemchat…

Valentine Word Wall BINGO! EZ to differentiate.

#elemchat #spedchat #valentines #literacy

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I just love the colors and the feeling it brings.  I know that many teachers create holiday word walls and what kid doesn’t like to play BINGO, so I combined the two. 

Hope you stop by and check it out.

Kids will love this colorful Valentine Word Wall BINGO game that they customize themselves.

Create a “Valentine Word Wall” and students will use the words to create their own BINGO card(s). It’s super easy to differentiate as you choose the words your students can pick from. Use some or all 36. Also you can choose the 3×3 or 3×4 cards depending on your students’ levels and attention spans. 

Once the cards are laminated students use dry erase markers to fill in their cards with Valentine words from the word wall. 


6 “mice in cups” 3×3 BINGO Cards (color)
6 “stinkers” 3×4 BINGO Cards (color)
36 Word Wall Cards (color)
1 Call sheet 
1 Calling words sheet

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26 Oct

10 Tech Tools to Train the most popular Core Standards

See on Scoop.itEducation Matters – (tech and non-tech)

&#8220The Common Core Condition Standards seeks to build up students who:

– Demonstrate independence
– Evaluate complex texts
– Possess strong content understanding
– Communicate effectively
– Comprehend and critique
– Locate and employ evidence effectively
– Feel confident fixing real life problems
– Understand other perspectives and cultures
– Apply their existing understanding to new situations
– Use technology and digital media smartly and capably

Based on the Standards, instructors must train and students must learn using relevant technology that students will have to succeed beyond senior high school.&#8221

KB&#8230Konnected&#8217s insight:

Always useful to locate new, relevant tools.

See on blog.simplek12.com

26 Oct

Free Chinese New Year Kit from Panda Express! #2ndchat #3rdchat…

Free Chinese New Year Kit from Panda Express!

#2ndchat #3rdchat #4thchat

The FREE kit is geared for students in second to fourth grade and includes the following:

  • Exclusive Access to the Panda Express Chinese New Year Video
  • Year of the Snake Fact Sheet
  • Jade Emperor’s Game & Activity Sheet
  • Chinese New Year Decoration Art Activity
  • Lai See Activity Sheet
I signed up and received an email stating that materials will be made available on Jan. 28th.

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25 Oct

from-student-to-teacher: No Field Trip? No Problem….


No Field Trip? No Problem. Alternatives and solutions.

– See more at: http://www.teachhub.com/no-field-trip-no-problem-alternatives-and-solutions#sthash.MyvfHGlM.dpuf

Field trips are fun; there’s no argument about that. And they are often valuable experiences for students, chances to make connections to the real world and do hands-on activities outside the classroom. But with tight schedules and tighter budgets, a field trip may seem out of reach. Here are some solutions and alternatives to explore:

Problem: We can’t take the time for a field trip.

Solution: Have the field trip come to you.

Museums, theater companies, wildlife sanctuaries and other groups that used to host school field trips are feeling the pinch of educational budget cuts, too. Some of these organizations have in-school activities or guest speakers they can offer as an alternative.

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If you’ve worked with a group before, it never hurts to ask if they might offer this kind of program. Most organizations list these programs on their websites. If you don’t see a program that meets your needs, ask. Many museums and other groups have education as a part of their mission statement, so they might be willing to work with you to create something special just for your students.

Problem: We don’t have the money for a field trip.

Solution: Explore alternatives.

Sometimes the field trip price tag is out of reach. But take a look around: with a little creative thinking, you might be able to find new field trip options that are less expensive.

If the history museum is too pricey, is there a nearby historic site that you could visit instead? If the zoo is out of reach, have you contacted local wildlife rescue groups or animal rehabilitation clinics? Sometimes less-well-known destinations can offer your students unique experiences as well as less-expensive ones.

Also, keep in mind that some businesses are glad to offer a “behind the scenes” tour for free. You may be able to build some new cross-curricular connections if your students see the inner workings of a factory, restaurant, or office. Send a letter home to parents – they may be able to help you arrange some fascinating field trips of their workplaces at very low cost!

There are other alternatives to explore as well. If busses are too costly, is there a destination within walking distance? Some museums charge more for educational tours because it requires an education staff member to be in attendance. What if you asked students to be guides for each other? Assign groups of students to focus on specific topics they will encounter at the museum, make them do the research in advance, and then ask them to lead the rest of the class through that section of the museum.

Problem: Time and money are both too limited.

If you’re tight on time and money, there are still options available.

Solution1: The On-Campus Field Trip

Incredulous? Don’t be. There are often experiences on campus that you’ve never thought to explore. What could your students learn from an in-depth exploration of the school theater, the library, or the weight room? You will need the assistance of a resource teacher, coach, or librarian, but it’s certainly cost-effective. Could your students do cooking science experiments in the cafeteria kitchen? Do service learning by visiting the classroom of some younger students and tutoring them? Who knew there were so many options available without ever setting foot on a bus?

Solution 2: Virtual Experiences

The Internet offers opportunities for students to explore without ever leaving the classroom. To really make this feel like something special, consider using a virtual field trip to do something your students would never be able to do in real life – such as the Online Explorations connected to the Hubble Space Telescope or the Virtual Field Trip of the Jet Propulsion Lab in Southern California.  Digital resources are also available from the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress. If students learn about World War II by listening to an interview with a decorated war hero, that can be just as impactful as a trip to the local history museum.

Solution 3: Field Trip Materials without the Trip

Don’t forget to explore the resources your field trip venues might offer. Some organizations have lesson plans and project materials you can use in your classroom without ever visiting the venue. Museums may have photographs, videos, or virtual tours that allow you to share some of their treasures with your students from the comfort of the classroom.

Solution 4: Independent field trips

While it won’t work for every school setting, sometimes the “independent field trip” approach is the best solution. Select a topic or question you want students to explore – for example, “How does food get from the farm to our table?” Then have each student (or each parent of a younger student) sign up to explore some part of that process on their own. Students might visit a farm, a farmer’s market, a factory that processes food, a supermarket, a restaurant, and so forth. Give them a set of questions or specific tasks to accomplish during their trip, and then have them report back to the rest of the class. Working together, your class can create a comprehensive picture of the farm-to-table chain with much more detail than you could get from a single field trip!

Some field trips are irreplaceable opportunities, but if time and money are in short supply, don’t despair! A little extra research, some help from parents, and a little creative planning can create a brand new memorable experience for your students!

– See more at: http://www.teachhub.com/no-field-trip-no-problem-alternatives-and-solutions#sthash.MyvfHGlM.dpuf

22 Oct

History of Lego Infographic…and other Lego resources

See on Scoop.itEducation Matters – (tech and non-tech)

This infographic shows the history and milestones of the Lego brand and is brought to you by Argos, one of the UK’s leading retailers.
KB…Konnected’s insight:

Here are other Lego resources that I have collected on Pinterest. Lots of neat ideas and printables.


See on argos.co.uk

21 Oct

Looking for free, printable Math Games for centers or math…

Looking for free, printable Math Games for centers or math class?Then Dr. Mikes Math Games for Kids is the site for you.

#mathchat #elemchat #spedchat #printables #mathgames

Awesome site!

There are so many printable games here that will get a huge thumbs up from students as well as teachers. Games have descriptions, directions and some even have videos to show you how to use them.

Screenshot with descriptions of two games.


Below is a screenshot of the menu so you can see how the site is organized and it’s categories.


There are many online games too. I checked out a few and can’t wait to go back. If you get a chance to look at Sugar Sugar, you will be delighted you did. It’s a fun geometry game kids will enjoy.

Added to  Marvelous Math Sites

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Marble Mania (neat probability interactive)

Drag-n-Drop Math (Teachers can now add their own problems.)

18 Oct

stfuconservatives: thepoliticalfreakshow: Lone Star College…



Lone Star College Stabbings Suspect Apprehended, 20-Year-Old Dylan Quick Was A Student At Lone Star College

Important: nobody died. I already see right-wingers using this as a “See? See? Psychos will kill no matter what!” But nobody is dead. In that same amount of time, how many people could this guy have murdered with an assault weapon? For comparison: Adam Lanza finished murdering 20 children in under 5 minutes.

Nobody is saying that gun control will prevent all gun crimes, or that gun control will stop all murders/attempted murders. But it will reduce the body count. Shouldn’t that be enough for us to take action?

18 Oct

From our SCASL Conference – bragging rights

Public Thanks!

Frances Lee Oneal and Cathy Jo Nelson at the Summer Institute in June 2012

Greetings SCASL Members.  My name is Cathy Jo Nelson, and I am currently on the SCASL Board of Directors, serving as the Regional Network Director. I have assumed these duties by appointment. This position has been held a number of years by a beloved, long-time SCASL member, Frances Lee O’Neal. She has served in many roles in SCASL over the years, is a charter member, a past president, is a veteran of numerous committees and task forces, and is held in the highest esteem by many. She is my esteemed mentor and friend, and has been a tremendous help to me as I  have transitioned into the position of Regional Network Director. I wanted to publicly thank her for helping me get my feet wet and getting the Regional Network off the ground at the beginning of this year. She laid the groundwork for a strong group of librarians who serve as the liaison to the Board of Directors, and I must give credit to her cultivating and growing this group of volunteers. I did make this statement publicly at our SCASL Business Meeting at our annual conference this past week.  Franki, you are irreplaceable. I only hope I measure up half as much as you do still. Thanks for setting the standards so high–FLO, Frankie, Frances Lee O’Neal. You have left me huge shoes to fill! You are a true southern lady, jewel, gem, and treasured friend who embodies all things S-C-A-S-L.


100% – Nine Districts 

At our business meeting, one of my responsibilities is to recognize all the districts in South Carolina who have all their schools served with SCASL Member Librarians. What a joy to discover that nine school districts in our state can brag about this achievement. It gave me immense pleasure to announce that at conference.  They are:

  • Allendale School District
  • Barnwell District 45
  • Calhoun County Schools
  • Florence 4 Schools
  • Dillon 3
  • Dillon 4
  • Dorchester 4
  • Fairfield County Schools
  • Richland One Schools


SCASL Committee Exploratorium 

All committee chairs were asked by Heather Loy, SCASL President to create displays for a “committee exploratorium” that would line one side of our conference exhibit hall.  The displays were to show visitors initiatives that our committees are working on, our “advocacy-themed” activities, and draw interest to encourage nonmembers to join, and inactive members to get involved.  I must say the displays knocked my socks off. After seeing some of them I felt mine did not necessarily measure up.  But my goal was to put a face-to-face connection with those serving the individual regions outlined by SCASL, as well as educate viewers of what the Regional Network does (or should be doing.)  I did have three people sign up to volunteer in some way, so I’ll take that as a success.  In the business meeting I reminded attendees to be sure and visit this area of the exploratorium and to find a way to actively plug in.

Open to Suggestions

I am open to suggestions from any and all in our state, and will make it a personal effort to work for the membership. As my mentor Franki pointed out, our 100% districts should not just be recognized now, but in mutliple places, and particularly in our first organization publication that every librarian AND principal receives, no matter their membership status. It’s a great idea, and I plan to do exactly that.  I am taking this to heart, and going ahead and publishing it here.  See, I told you she is a great mentor who can teach me a lot of things.  Love that woman!!


17 Oct

Ask the GOORU – “Did you know that Google releases…

Ask the GOORU –

“Did you know that Google releases hundreds of new features every year?”

#edtech #google

Ask the GOORU features video tutorials to keep users informed of all the latest Google updates.

I just subscribed to their email newsletter. I really need to learn more about Google Drive and there are quite a few videos about it.

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Bloomin’ Google Tools

13 Oct

ClassBadges – Free Online Tool to Award Badges…Customize for Your Class!

See on Scoop.itEducation Matters – (tech and non-tech)

ClassBadges is a free online tool where teachers can award badges to students for accomplishments or academic mastery. Through your teacher account, you can award badges customized for your classroom or school. Badges can easily be aligned to academic goals or associated with existing school awards.

KB…Konnected’s insight:

Very nice visualization tool to help students keep track of their achievements/accomplishments. If you’re interested check out the Teacher’s Guide to Using Badges in Your Classroom from Edudemic. It gives lots of ways to use this tool.


See on classbadges.com

12 Oct

Great addition to Grants for Teachers binder! Wishpool gives…

Great addition to Grants for Teachers binder!

Wishpool gives away IPEVO’s interactive teaching tools to dedicated teachers.

#edtech #1stchat #4thchat #5thchat #2ndchat #scichat #sschat

On the Wishpool site you can view other teachers’ wishes that have come true to get an idea of the products available and how they use them in the classroom.

If you’re not familiar with IPEVO’s products you can view them here. Great company.

View the process below. Note: You must use a school email address to apply.

If you apply…GOOD LUCK!

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IPEVO’s Document Camera and 100 Uses for a Document Camera – This is the document camera I use. Love it! (inexpensive too!)

Make sure you also check out 40+ grant resources.

11 Oct

MathsKit is one amazing resource for teachers. Included…

MathsKit is one amazing resource for teachers. Included in Marvelous Math Sites LiveBinder.

#elemchat #spedchat #mathchat

I found it while I was on my hunt for great “dice sites” (previous post) and knew immediately that I had to share it with you.

MathsKit is a collection of everyday and essential links for Maths teachers.

It is superbly organized, making it easy to view at a glance. Each resource has a short description and is rated. You can even recommend a site to them.

Below is a list of the categories covered on MathsKit

Graph Paper · Calculators · Graphing · Glossary/Dictionary · Timers and Clocks · Dice · Games · Printable · Interactives · IWB ·Starters · Videos · Teacher Blogs · Primary · Diagrams, Graphics and Clipart · Equation Editors

Exceptional resource!

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ICT Games

Math Magician

06 Oct

Promoting YALSA 2013 Top Ten Nominees

YALSA has released the 28 titles nominated for their title of 2013 “Top Ten” Teen Reads.  I’m playing with ways to promote them. Of course I’ll pull together a book display at school. But getting ready for TLA this week reminded me of Projeqt, one of the 2012 AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning, so I made one to go with these nominations that I’ll use at school.



I can also use these as I showcase to students what a “book trailer” is–I have a teacher very interested in having her students create book trailers.  Some of these a re directly from the publishers, and then some are fan made.  I tried to select SHORT ones, so I may not have chosen the very best.  After doing this, it has made me want to go ahead and set up (and READ) some of these titles too.


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