31 Jul

Jigsaw Planet: Create your own embeddable jigsaw puzzle from any…

Jigsaw Planet: Create your own embeddable jigsaw puzzle from any image! 

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No registration necessary.

Your own puzzle is so easy to create. Just upload your image, check a few customization boxes and presto…your image is now a puzzle that you can link to, email, or embed on your own site. Puzzles can be as easily differentiated by the number/shape/rotation of puzzle pieces you choose.


Screenshot above.

image Look for these icons on the lower left hand side. Use them to help solve the puzzle. Will show image of puzzle or “ghost” of puzzle in background. Also you can change the background color and re-scatter the pieces.

“Ghost” image screenshot.image

This would be a great way to hook your students into a new unit. Create an image that will let them know what they will be learning and turn it into a puzzle for them to solve. Could also be used for clues in a scavenger hunt.

Students could even turn their own artwork into a puzzle for classmates and family to work on.

After the puzzle is solved a timer lets you know how long it to you to finish it.

Below is a sample I created. To choose an embeddable one like this choose the second embed code option.

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15 Jul

Terrific resource for Black History Month that can be used all month long, Plus two FREEBIES!…


Terrific resource for Black History Month that can be used all month long, Plus two FREEBIES! Makes a great bulletin board too.

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I created 24 “Who Am I?” cards featuring African Americans, 11 women and 13 men, that can be played as a game or just enjoyed as fact cards. The cards are bright and attractive and include an African kente cloth border, image of each individual and 5 interesting facts. 

The game can be played by 2 or more players. Students are given clues and the sooner they guess correctly the more points they earn. The game can be played daily, starting with a few cards and adding more as you go along. Soon you will be able to play with all the cards and students will be answering quickly.

I also added a template (2 sizes, color/b/w) so students can create their own “Who Am I?” card. Once they have chosen their subject they will need to add facts to their card. It’s not numbered so you can choose how many they add. You can add these to the game or even a bulletin board. Or if you prefer they could write a mini-bio of the African American they chose. The template is perfect for either.

…and because I used U.S.postage stamps for this packet I also included a template for students to create their own Black Heritage stamp. The U.S. post office allows stamps to be used freely for educational purposes.

Laminate the “Who Am I?” cards and your students will enjoy them for years to come! 

24 colorful African American “Who Am I?” cards (3 1/2 x 5)
Templates for students to create their own cards(color and b/w) aprox. 5×7 and 7×9
Black Heritage stamp template
Complete instructions

Below are two of the 24 cards

image  image

Below are two freebies from my “Who Am I?”…Black History Edition.

Students will enjoy creating their own Black Heritage stamps just like the U.S. Post Office. Hope that you can use them. 🙂

image    image

Hope you stop by my TpT store and check them out.

12 Jul

Eyercize…online speed reading tool. #edtech #spedchat…

Eyercize…online speed reading tool.

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I took a speed reading class in high school and it was very helpful. This is very similar to how we practiced. And it’s free!

You can add your own text and customize various aspects such as speed, text size, space between lines, how many words show at a time, etc.

I really like this tool and believe that students could benefit from using it. They could graph their results each time they use it to see their improvement.

06 Jul

Can’t wait for this:

So hopefully I’ll see you there. Read more details here.  Just in case you didin’t already know, my Twitter handle is CathyJo.  I will follow librarians, just so ya know.

Is Twitter really worth my time?

Many of my friends scoff at Twitter as a helpful program for Professional Development. Often they lament that it is confusing and they don’t see the value.  Well, if you are looking for a way to find value, come lurk tomorrow night at 8PM EST and see just how it can be useful to you.  You don’t even have to have a account to lurk, just search for the #TLCHAT hashtag in Twitter.


No Twitter account means no way to join in, and I really think once you began lurking, you are going to want to get in to the conversation.  So go on over to Twitter and create your free account! It’s only useful IF you cultivat a network of like minded peeps AND find valuable resources, like this opportunity tomorrow night.  Come on–get in the game!!

Picture attribution:
Pictures are screenshots from my own Twitter search and from ifaketext.com




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