Cultural and social misunderstanding, how stereotypes have there way, pt 3

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Avoiding is the deferring or discounting of the conflict in the expectation that over time the conflict situation will dissipate or resolve itself through the progression of communication or development of information. By avoiding we are able to allow communication to proceed and other unknown factors to be exposed that allow us to better understand or come to a consensus. The use of competition allows for those involved to create close group affiliations, come to understanding over the shared experience and also to work together towards that end result.


Conflict Competing can be useful to release stress or to introduce an element of fun into a situation that does it is at an impasse. In situations where groups or individuals are working towards a goal and the opinions or suggested courses of actions are at opposing ends creating a friendly competition to build, work-out or find a resolution Using competition in situations where a misunderstanding has occurred or is occurring allows for the interaction and unification of the competition to foster understanding and the development of resolutions.

In situations where both parties have equal power and goals that are mutually independent using compromise as a tactic can be very advantageous. Finding a middle route or ground allows for the conflict resolution to occur by taking into account personal goals and relationships of the parties involved. The end result is a solution in which both sides will have gains and losses.

When using collaborations as a technique to resolve a cultural misunderstanding the goals is to find a resolution that is mutually satisfactory. Both parties are expected to commit to high collaboration and low confrontation so that a mid-way solution of compromise can be found. The collaborative style functions on the premise that a solution can be arrived at that is acceptable by all involved and the process demands that the problem be defined, alternatives are sought out and that the alternatives are evaluated for their practical applications and that ultimately a decision is made by consensus of the involved parties.

Different cultures and groups communicate differently and that communication is highly contextual-it changes from situation to situation and being mindful of these differences allows us to minimize misunderstanding. Our interactions should be mindful and considerate of the needs of others. Our actions should not be guided or pushed on by assumptions regardless of how implicit they may appear as an understanding between you and another culture. Avoiding stereotyping can be assisted by avoiding the creation of resistance or arguments and by being respectful and learning about others.